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Fees & Billing

If you have any questions, please Get in Touch with us.

Clinic Fees

Half-hour with an SLP, $90

Half-hour with a CDA, $80

45 Minute Session with a Structured Literacy Tutor, $65

(typically an Ontario Certified Teacher, not eligible for submission to health insurance)

Assessment fees vary depending on the area of concern.   All assessments include a feedback meeting to review results, impressions, recommendations and next steps.  Reports will be included on request.  Good treatment starts with good assessment! 


Billable services for clinicians include:  assessment, treatment, caregiver training, meetings, scoring of assessments, report writing and travel time. 

Extended Health Insurance

Most individual or employee benefit plans contain some coverage for speech therapy services. Every plan is different, because every employer negotiates their own plan with the insurer.

We recommend that you call your insurance company and ask the following questions before beginning therapy:

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Big Words Little People does not require one, but some insurance plans do.

How much coverage do I have?
Does this coverage pay for the first $X of services (e.g., $500/year) or is there a limit per session up to an annual maximum (e.g., $30/session to a total of $1000/year).

When does my benefit year end?

Most plans ‘flip’ or renew according to the calendar year, but some (e.g., school board employees) renew on August 31. Especially for assessment, which can be costly, accessing 2 benefit years where possible can be financially helpful.

Can I use my own coverage to learn how to work with my child?

For example, if you have a child working on language therapy, you will be participating in the session in order to learn from the SLP or CDA how best to help your child. Most, but not all insurance plans allow for this ‘family training’, which greatly increases the amount of coverage you have for speech therapy services.

Does my plan cover the services of a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA), and if so, what are the requirements (e.g., SLP’s name on the invoice, supervision by a registered SLP)?

The Big Words Little People team has several CDAs, and coverage for their services may broaden your options for treatment and availability of services.

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