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We are a team of life-long learners who also love sharing our passion with others.  See what we are up to and join us if you are able!

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Past Workshops

See what we have already done!

Autism in Action
January to April 2023

Through a grant from the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Workforce Capacity Fund Grant – Sector Innovation Stream, our partner ACT Learning Centre collaborated with therapy practices across Ontario, including Big Words Little People, and with an emphasis on Northern, Rural and Francophone partners, to build capacity so that children and youth receiving support through the needs-based Ontario Autism Program will have improved access to high quality clinical services. 

As part of this grant, Sidney and Julia offered a free workshop with the aim of providing real-life clinical expertise and advice to SLP/CDA students entering the workforce.  It is their hope to spark students' passion and comfort working in the Autism sector and to learn how this field allows us to support families and clients in a meaningful way.


Spring Literacy Event - Queen's University

April 2023

Presented by Queen's Faculty of Education and open to all teachers working in schools and current students, these workshops honed in on issues in literacy from working with exceptional student populations, to reading interventions in intermediate grades.  Heather presented on Literacy for Special Populations.

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 1.17.25 PM.png

The Intricacy of Literacy
April 2023

We have heard about the Science of Reading, but there is so much information out there! What does it all mean and how can we, as CDAs, use it to support our clients? Meaghan and Danielle presented at the CDAAC Annual Conference for a crash course on structured literacy intervention!

Screen Shot 2023-04-02 at 3.07.55 PM.png

Building Momentum: Structured Literacy Past the Primary Years
July 2023

This evidence-based 3-day course helped educators build their capacity to deliver Structured Literacy programming. We aim to provide the knowledge and tools to: meet struggling students where they are, set meaningful goals, deliver programming, and evaluate progress.

Part 1:  Brief Overview of the Reading Brain, Oral Language, Phonemic Awareness

Part 2:  Phonics (Decoding and Encoding), Heart Words, Fluency

Part 3:  Syllable Types, Morphology, Vocabulary, Special Populations

Structured Lit Course Summer 2022 (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png
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